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You Will Be Here, Mine

I stumble all around
with every given day
just a full time, grown up fool
and everything I have
will be everything I give
and I’ll run it right to you
when there’s time
anything can last
if everyone will try
it’s justified
and I recall the nights
when you would start to fade
and you’d say…
you said “when there’s time…
you will be here, mine.”
and now we’re left with this
what to do with the golden beast of love?
save it, and save it hard
say it’s all to be
’cause I know
when there’s time
in given time…
you will be here, mine



Bloodkin Push (Forget The Ones)

breathe, allow, release
sing a newer hymn
for newer days
my homeward son
no relent, my homeward son
often you have come
to sit beside me
in silent ways
every now and then…
a twitch, a scrape
adjust to air and silence
of a newer place
and so you tell me of lesser days
such persistent press of bloodkin push
don’t let it hurt
don’t let it cut
don’t let it breathe
just turn away, my homeward son
forget the ones

Blackest Sparrow/Darkest Night

tangled up, arise again
indigo, it’s just as well
texas got the darkest of my fears
the hills arrive on the night crusade
for poorer men it’s a judgment day
we didn’t know ’cause the news it don’t get here
so diagnose, identify
the desperate might testify
and others, they’re just waiting’ ’round to die
so Nora Lee, please promise me
that you will find some way to be
here with me together in the end
the sparrow flies through the blackest night
on either side of quietude
deliver me and set my father free
’cause he knows that our darkest day
ain’t as dark as a full time stay
here amongst the traitors and the thieves

It Goes Away So Fast

in a shred of amber light
trade our plans at mountain line
with a blade, and with a lock
take the sacred blood of beast,
we will run as morning goes
and it goes away so fast
with a hit and mangled kiss
dressed in crimson, hardened sin


honey, war is woven in our touch
but there’s promise in our sleep
your warmth is strangled by the clutch
of winter’s long release
Lola, call out to me from above
and give to me your trust
untangle from your devil vines
(from) your want to not believe
scorpion today awaits
to threaten and to rush
with a tail to swing at all we built
the hope for you and me
and maybe it’s just not our time
and maybe it’s to be
or maybe it’s just what you get
for loving me

Riding From Within

riding from within
shadow to your right
travel now to me
circle ’round and then
morning on the pull
riding from within
saddle by your side

Winter Screen Four

so two by two on fallen, northern line
from far shore to our junction there by five
the harbor lights in january red
the afterglow of evening overdone

Truss Of Ten

don’t you look on hollow…
try, try
it’s only shards of Houston from behind
could you feel its crush as you dress?
ever, ever present press
split the truss of ten
write to me
hold it to your heart as you sleep
separate to wire, for to see
and hold to Kingman line
write to me
now divide… now divide

Vehicular And True

I’m saving up for you
vehicular and true
but mindful of this time
I remain, true
you in flawless state
and I am lack of cool
to walk with thee through these days
I remain, true
ain’t it funny how it falls
it falls right at our feet
unexpected, but never unwished
and now what to do?
I have you in my heart
I have you in my heart
and the coming golden days
living in you
oh, blessed chance
oh, impossible ways
I hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind
I’m saving up for you
I’m saving up for you
I’m saving up for you
Saving… saving up for you

# # #