Swan City Vampires



CD: UPC 700261428567
VINYL: UPC 659696402812

1. Paradise, Basically
2. You vs. Off The Cuff
3. Nameless, But A Lover
4. Call, Call, Call
5. (Made Us Feel Like) Kings
6. Pulleys
7. It’s a Pretty Fucked Skyline
8. Mulnomah
9. Thug Life Pt. 2
10. The Watchman
11. Chalked Lines/Waxed Sun

Engineered and Mixed By
Britton Beisenherz at Ramble Creek/Austin, TX
And John Congleton at Elmwood Recording/Dallas, TX
Mastered by Matt Pence

Britton Beisenherz: Piano, Electric Bass, Synth
John Congleton: Synth, Programming, Atmospheres
Ricky Ray Jackson: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Pedal Steel, Electric Bass
Will Johnson: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano, Synth
Matt Pence: Drums, Percussion

Cover Photo: Matthew Genitempo
Dragon Illustration: Ava Ruth Hood
LP Label Illustrations: Steve Smith
Layout/Design: Christian Helms/Helms Workshop
All Songs Copyright The Headwound Was A Setback (BMI) 2015
Management: Bob Andrews/Undertow
U.S. Booking: Kevin French/Paradigm
Europe Booking: Steven Thomassen/Toutpartout

Thank you.
For Mom and GG.

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Paradise, Basically

You vs. Off The Cuff
What would it take for time to find you off the cuff?
In some better place – could drive out toward the aqueduct
Stumbling through, charging toward the finer points
To a much better you, and a much better me
And not quite as gone
And now is the time I feel the strong need to tell you how.
How right it all feels…
How perfect it is to see you again

Nameless, But A Lover
Fragile goes the lakeside
And fragile goes the moon
Endless on the riverbed
Where we left it all too soon
And I walked you many places
And thought about you in between
You were shaken in the aftermath
In a sleepless kind of sheen
Finally easing off the secrets
And moving with the days
You staggered all your visits
And there was a new warmth in your face
And you said: “Something too familiar
Can sometimes be the bane…
You are nameless, but a lover
And you are completely my terrain.”

Call, Call, Call
When it’s figured where the threat is at
In a corrugated heart
Darlin’, don’t you know the warrior
Was right there with you from the start?
And so vacant went the afternoon
And so vacant went the fall
And so thoughtful was that sentiment
And so thoughtful was the call
If you’re cornered on the action front
If you’re cornered on the out
Don’t you snuggle up to troublesome
Don’t you rattle off the doubts
Honey, don’t become an aftermath
Where you’re spending all your hours
Telling tales amongst the residents
Urging everyone to call, call, call
Call, call, call

(Made Us Feel Like) Kings
A flower in the fence
For my friends and all our feats
I am waiting here with mind a’ racing
Eleven on the books
in the span of seventeen
And out of breath from all the chasing
A thought here for the struggles
Just in case you did not speak
Or in case I did not feel like hearing
And a toast to all the miles
That made us feel like kings
And a graciousness to all that stayed

Annie, our light is locked up
And it is not coming through
And that is something on me, not on you
It’s just something I am working through
For the restless, the tired, and tried
It’s a sure sign of blood
But there’s a peace and a still to this night
And I am not giving up
There are those that will say it’s alright
But is it to trust?
Is there villainy in thinking it’s time?
Well, that’s just something I am working through…
something I am working through
It’s just something I am working through.

It’s A Pretty Fucked Skyline Now

It’s 27 steps to the kitchen
Stumble down and feel for the light
And the friendliness is not what I’m missing
I only wish that you would make up your mind
Some they might would call this intrusion
I guess I am calling it a break for the line
You always faltered in the face of this city
Your hands were shaking there for most of the drive
And so tonight I will reclaim my wanting
Travel onward, out toward the lights
‘Cause the summer, it’s crushing us flat here
Seems like the summer has made up its mind
Call it now.
Call it now.
Call it now.

Thug Life Pt. 2
Bitches, don’t you think I already know?
We got cash and artillery and beers
To go
But every time I feel the presence,
I seethe
And every slight touch of the weapon
Brings some heavenly release
Every time I feel the presence,
I seethe
And every slight touch of the weapon
Brings some heavenly release
How selfish to believe this was all about
Your scene.

The Watchman
I am the watchman
I am the postman’s ride
I got the shotgun drive
Down at an early age
I am a vessel
I am absorbatine
I am a regular
I am community
I am digging in
I will circulate
I am taking notes
Sometimes a broken case
But I will find the good
Behind the doors inside of me
I know I’ll see the good
In all who I meet
I have a building heat
Always beneath my tires
And I pray to God
It never goes away
I want to have the strength
Of my mother’s heart
I want to have the warmth
Of my mother’s heart
I want to have kindness
Of my mother’s heart
I hope to hold the love
Of my mother’s heart
One day.
One day.

Chalked Lines/Waxed Sun

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