Redo the Stacks


Record Details

  1. The Pilot’s On the Wall
  2. Parade of Choosers
  3. Terrified Anyway
  4. Post-It Notes From the State Hospital
  5. Fidgeting Wildly
  6. The Cannon-Ball Shot
  7. Part of This Accident
  8. Am I the Manager or am I Not?
  9. Cannot Compete
  10. Are You Ready for the Shutdown?
  11. Don’t Smash The Qualifying Man
  12. Hoist Up the Popular Ones
  13. Starfighter #1479
  14. Bitter (Did You Notice That?)
  15. Rock and Roll Eyes
  16. If I Had a Dartgun
  17. Tied to the Trailer
  18. My Supermodel Girlfriend Gone Awol
  19. You’re Like Everyone
  20. Take the Original Frame
  21. Capture the Aimless Boy
  22. Mandatory On the Attack
  23. Good As Gold

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