Mini Set #5 – July 20, 2020

Dress up/’fess up: Nineteen weeks and six days since I’ve worn a shirt with buttons on it, but here goes for this one. A few songs from all over the place, traversing the years.

1. I, The Kite
2. Almost Let You In
3. Re-run Pills
4. Feel Too Young To Die
5. Bricks To Block The Raid (unreleased)

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Thanks to any and all that tuned in and/or left something before, and thanks for the kind words. Those are things always appreciated but not expected. At this point it simply feels good to have some sort of conduit to keep the songs rolling, and the callouses from disappearing. Something to harvest, and something to work over.

With love and respect, in strength and solidarity. -Will J.

Now playing:
Frank and His Sisters: S/T
Kid Sundance and Dudley Perkins: The Godfather
Elyse Weinberg: Elyse
Abul Mogard: Above All Dreams

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