“No Ordinary Crown” Out Now!

I’m thankful to Keeled Scales for helping see my new LP, “No Ordinary Crown” into the world today.

Thank you Ramble Creek, Lindsey Verrill, Ricky Ray Jackson and Roberto Sanchez for being a part of it. We have a good number of recording hours between us at this point, and the trust levels are such that there’s not much preparation, or any rehearsal on the ramp up. Each session is largely based on gut instinct, and working in the moment. It’s not a refined or flawless approach, but (to me) embodies the best sensations of what making something together is about.

Thank you Adam Young for the stunning cover art, Helms Workshop for the layout work, Maddy Underwood for the design and merch help, to Britton Beisenherz and Jim Wilson for their generosity and efforts in engineering, mixing and mastering, and to Undertow for helping guide the ship for decades.

There will be a (solo) in-store at Waterloo Records on September 25, and a Texas full band 4-step (including everyone from this session) with the great Renée Reed in February. 

Thanks for reading this, and maybe see you down the road. 

Undertow Store : https://tinyurl.com/5n7hcjmu
Keeled Scales : https://tinyurl.com/38bc2jvy
Keeled Scales UK/EU Shop : https://tinyurl.com/2pb7cxae
Bandcamp : https://willjohnson.bandcamp.com
Streaming : https://lnk.to/WillJohnson

September 25 : Austin TX – Waterloo Records In-store performance @ 5pm
February 1 : Denton TX – Dan’s Silverleaf – TICKETS
February 2 : Houston TX – Continental Club – TICKETS
February 3 : San Antonio TX @ Lonesome Rose – TICKETS
February 4 : Austin TX @ Ballroom – TICKETS

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