Will Johnson Living Room Tour August + September 2021

It’s all moving fast again, but I’m happy to announce that new shows are scheduled. Churches, art spaces, living rooms, and a small theater or two. All acoustic, no PA, smaller allotments of tickets avail., vaccinations required, and masking as per each host’s guidelines.

August 5 : San Antonio TX (SOLD OUT)
August 6 : Austin TX (SOLD OUT)
August 7 : Dallas TX (SOLD OUT)
August 19 : Marfa TX (SOLD OUT)
August 20 : Albuquerque NM (SOLD OUT)
August 21 : Fort Collins CO (SOLD OUT)
August 23 : Salt Lake City UT (SOLD OUT)
August 24 : Boise ID (SOLD OUT)
August 25 : Walla Walla WA (SOLD OUT)
August 26 : Tacoma WA (SOLD OUT)
August 27 : Portland OR (SOLD OUT)
August 29 : Chico CA (SOLD OUT)
August 30 : Petaluma CA (SOLD OUT)
August 31 : Reno NV (SOLD OUT)
September 1 : Reno NV (SOLD OUT)
September 3 : Phoenix AZ (SOLD OUT)



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